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Please use the form below to place your request for a business advertisement, but check the terms and conditions below the form first (N.B. submission of a request implies acceptance of the terms and conditions. Images exceeding 100kb in size are not accepted. If you need help editing images, please ask using the contact form).

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    Advertising Policy, Terms & Conditions:

    We allow advertising on the community website in order to generate income to support our charitable aims including delivery, maintenance and further development of the website and to promote local businesses.

    Advertising should provide a positive experience for users of the website and must serve the community interest.

    The only acceptable format for advertisements is a 125×125 pixel jpeg image which will be used as a link to your business website or facebook page.  The design, content, layout and production of the image is your responsibility (Images exceeding 100kb in size are not accepted. If you need help editing images, please ask using the contact form).  The images are displayed in random sequence in the sidebar of selected pages (the business section).  The sequence of adverts is regenerated each time a page is refreshed.  A donation of £60.00 will entitle you to an advert which will be displayed for one year.

    1. Advertisements are only accepted for businesses located within a 5 mile radius of the centre of Storrington (postcode: RH20 4DR).
    2. A company may only have one advertisement running at a time.
    3. Advertisements run for a period of 365 days from receipt of payment.
    4. You will be notified of the option for renewal 10-15 calendar days in advance of expiry.
    5. Before renewal you will be notified of the number of times that the Storrington site has registered your business site has been accessed via the advert.
    6. Donations are payable in advance.  The only accepted means of payment are direct debit or bank transfer.  You will be provided with an invoice (non-VAT) showing our bank details on acceptance of your request.  The advert will appear within 5 working days following confirmation of receipt of payment.
    7. Adverts may be cancelled on request but there will be no refunds.
    8. We follow the guidelines laid out by the Advertising Standards Authority. The basic principles of their codes are that advertisements should be:
      •    legal, decent, honest and truthful
      •    created with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society
      •    in line with the principles of fair competition generally accepted in business
    9. We will not accept any advertising which in our sole opinion is likely to be detrimental to the reputation or aims of the community website or to cause offence. We will not accept advertising of a racial or political nature, or any advertising which may be construed as offering services of a sexual nature or gambling, or any advertising which in our opinion might be considered ethically unacceptable. Advertising must not discriminate against people because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or age.
    10. We will not accept any responsibility for claims made by advertisers and their inclusion on the website should not be taken as an endorsement.
    11. We reserve the right to reject advertisement requests at our discretion.

    Web Administrator,