Canine First Aid Courses Saturday 25th March Storrington

Canine 1st aid courses
Photo thanks to Cambridge News


Canine First Aid is a MUST!!! I think everyone knows that there are some fairly horrendous poisons out there – Bread mould, Hogweed, Alabama Rot, antifreeze to name but a few. Would you know how to recognise the symptoms of a poison or what to do in the event of seeing a dog seizure? Heatstroke, exhaustion, shock, bleed, to name but a few. CPR, mouth to snout and finding a pulse.

Details of the Storrington course

We have been to events around the country – eg. Cornbury Park Field and Country Fair to demonstrate the importance of canine first aid. We can train you in Canine First Aid skills which may save your dog’s life or someone else’s dog. We are holding courses nationwide. If you are interested in joining a course or organising a course for your club, society or association so that you can be prepared for any eventuality please contact me directly. If you are a doggie business then we can arrange a private course for your team. Do you know that horse poo could contain a poisoning worming medication? Lots of dogs like to indulge in eating such items.

Any questions about the above please feel free to call me. Mel 07810 283676 or email

Courses also running in Elstead, Woking and Cobham.

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