Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm

Examination of the development consent order (DCO) application

The DCO application for the Rampion 2 Offshore Wind Farm has been accepted for examination by the Planning Inspectorate. The application is for an offshore wind farm with an area up to approximately 196km2 comprising up to 90 wind turbines and associated foundations, inter-array cables connecting the turbines to up to three offshore substations, and export cables taking the power to shore at Climping.

The application includes all the onshore electrical infrastructure required to transmit the power to the final connection into the national electricity network at Bolney in Mid Sussex. This includes an underground onshore cable route approximately 38.8km long from the landfall at Climping to a new onshore substation at Oakendene, 2km east of Cowfold.

Rampion 2 Newsletter January 2024

The examination of the development consent order (DCO) application will begin in the first week of February 2024, with the Preliminary Meeting and Open Floor Hearing being held on 6th February in Brighton, followed by Issue Specific Hearings on environmental matters from 7th – 9th February. Anyone can observe the events either in person, livestream online, or watch a recording after the event. However, you must register in advance if you wish to participate. For further information, please visit https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/rampion-2.

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