Recycling Single Use Plastic: November update

After 5 months in position, the recycling bins at Storrington Recreation ground are well established as a collecting point. The local volunteers are contributing an amazing sorted 20kg monthly to the Horsham despatch team. Thank you everybody!

Sussex Green Living volunteers work in conjunction with Terracycle to support a recycling programme for a specific list of items, which is displayed on the bins. If it is not listed, please don’t put it in our bin, because Terracycle won’t recycle it.

This doesn’t mean the other plastic packaging can’t be recycled too, it means that you need to play your part and take those items along to a different local collecting point.

Hints For Efficient Recycling- November…

  • Cheese bags. SGL bins at Storrington Rec. Please wipe clean and dry.
  • Potato and banana bags. Carrier bag recycling bin at Storrington or Pulborough
  • Rice and pasta bags. Look for the new flexible plastic recycling bin at Pulborough or Horsham supermarket.

Do keep recycling! If you have any questions, you can send them to

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