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A Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered in England and Wales
Charity No. 1123409
Member of National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO)
and HDC Voluntary Sector Support registered

Storrington Community Partnership is a membership organisation of people working together to help improve and sustain Storrington and surrounding neighbourhoods for the benefit of local people.

Community Partnerships have the role of bringing together local individuals and groups in an inclusive way to develop and deliver community initiatives through an action plan.

Working alongside the statutory bodies and other local groups, Community Partnerships:

  • Bring together individuals and groups with a shared interest in their local area under a common action plan, planned and delivered together
  • Deliver improvements to their local communities which may not happen in any other way
  • Offer a community-based perspective in relation to local issues and concerns
  • Raise funds for their local area from charitable and other sources unavailable to statutory bodies

Storrington Community Partnership (SCP) would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in supporting our aims.  Membership is open to all, with a single fee payment of £1.

Working together for a better community

The Community Partnership is working on ways to improve social health and wellbeing, environment, and the local economy of Storrington and the neighbouring parishes. We are continuously identifying any steps that we can take to further benefit the community. We have helped a range of local groups to get started and we administer the Storrington community website and associated social media accounts.

It is clearly desirable for the Partnership to have as many local people as possible involved and participating to ensure that our projects and actions are inclusive, suiting the majority of the community while addressing the requirements of all individuals.

We work closely with local authorities and SCP is a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and the Horsham District Community Partnerships Forum, and is registered with HDC Voluntary Sector Support.

For further details please contact us by email at

Storrington Community Partnership was formed in 2002 and became a Registered Charity (No. 1123409) and a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company No. 6456835) in 2007. The Partnership converted to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation on 7 April 2020.