New Storrington collection point for recyclable plastic

Cartoon frog promoting recycling

A new collecting point for recyclable Single Use Plastics opened on 14th June 2021.
You can find the 2 recycling bins in the main Car Park at the Storrington Recreation Ground. This collection is for plastics which would normally go into your waste bin and then be incinerated or go to landfill.

To start with we are collecting 6 specific types:- crisp packets, biscuit packets, cheese wrappers, bags from laundry and dishwasher capsules, toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes, plastic parts from air fresheners (there are more details on the bins).

We would very much like to thank everyone who contributed and who helped us collect 1.5 kg of recyclables in the first week!

Please do keep recycling!

We would like to ask you to please not put the following in our Sussex Green Living bins:- plastic bottles (which go in your blue bin at home) and recyclable packaging bags for bread, vegetables and cereals (which should go to the recycling points at major supermarkets).

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