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Memories of Memorials

Memories of Memorials
My Life in Monuments to the War Dead
Michael Aidin
ISBN 978-1-5272-1245-9 • 224 pb • £8.99 + P&P
Publication November 2017

Michael Aidin is based near Pulborough, West Sussex. He was a war child who has never seen active conflict. But war has shaped his life – beginning with his family’s migration and childhood illness, which influenced his education and his career.

In his professional life as an accountant, Michael travelled widely, and a fascination with other places became a passion. He has enjoyed the freedoms which have defined his lifetime, but which perhaps may no longer be taken for granted.

Highly entertaining anecdotes and observations from Michael’s life add colour to the accounts of personal and public contributions to the commemoration of life-changing historical events in the past hundred years. A snapshot of modern times and places and a life led richly within them.

• Ideal reading for the nostalgia market, especially people growing up in the mid-20th century.
• A well-researched resource for students of war and conflict.
• An entertaining travelogue of a ‘golden age’ of travel unlikely to be enjoyed again in our lifetime.
• Illustrated with specially commissioned line drawings and the author’s own photographs.

Michael Aidin, born 1933, is an amateur historian fascinated by memorials commemorating those who lost their lives in war. After leaving university Michael became an accountant with work involving visits to many countries. On his travels, he realised that war memorials are not only reminders of courage, sacrifice and loss but an art form commemorating those who died.

Michael has contributed to various historical publications such as William Cobbett Society, The Irish Sword, Stand to Western Front Association, Kipling Journal, The Cliftonian, History Scotland and Crossfire.

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