Sorting of Recyclable Plastic – Help Needed!

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Recycling of Single Use Plastic (SUP) in Storrington
Can You Spare 1 hour per Month to help sort Single Use Plastic here in Storrington?

The exciting news is that in our first month, the site has delivered 12.6 kg of sorted, recyclable SUP to the despatch point in Horsham! Something to make you think is that 5 kg of that total was crisp packets – did you know that an individual crisp packet weighs less than 1 gm? We are only a small group of volunteers, and with a few more helping hands, we could definitely sort through our recycling more effectively. To join us, please contact us at; we will be really pleased to welcome you!

A special big thank you to those who are bringing clean dry, sorted recycling to the site at Storrington Recreation Ground. If you are not quite sure what you can put in our Sussex Green Living bins, please read the information on the bin lids, or check on the Sussex Green Living website.

Keep Recycling!

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