Storrington Conservation Society – February Newsletter

Storrington Conservation Society Workparty

As planned, on 2nd February the working party met in Fryern Dell to continue clearance around the pond. Happily the recent snow had disappeared and it was a dry sunny day.

The 2nd of February marks the Christian Festival known as Candlemas. According to folklore ‘If Candlemas be fine and fair, there’s half the winter to come and mair’. Across the Atlantic the day is known as Groundhog Day. The little beasties are supposed to forecast how much longer winter will last. They are said to come out of their burrows on that day, and if they can see their shadows it means the sun is shining, they return to their burrows, indicating winter will last six more weeks. If it is overcast they stay above ground, showing winter is over. As this is being written, it is too early to tell how things turn out this year. Folklore says more winter weather is to be expected. However it has to be noted that records show there is little evidence to support the folklore. Unscientific and fairly harmless fun. Yet it is not usually harmless to ignore what science reveals. Because there have been spells of severe cold weather, some will deny global warming. They ignore the measured increase in average global temperature. Extreme weather, droughts, floods, hurricanes, heat waves, melting ice caps all point to climate change. Urgent action is necessary to increase the use of renewable energy, cut down on fossil fuels which are contributing to greenhouse gasses, as Sir David Attenborough points out.

The next time the working party is due to meet is at 10.00am on 2nd March. This time the work will be at the Glade, laying chippings and clearing paths.

It’s not all work, there is always a welcome break for refreshments and chat to go with the healthy exercise. New helpers quickly feel in good company. Why not give it a try? Gardening clothes advisable. Just arrive at the work site.

For information about this and all our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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