Storrington’s ‘Sycamore Gap’

You may have noticed that a large sycamore tree has recently disappeared from beside Place Villerest. It had been found to be harbouring Brittle Cinder Fungus and had become dangerous so was reduced to an 8ft stump by HDC.

Storrington In Bloom saw this as an opportunity to enhance the stump with a chain-saw carving. After seeking permission from a tree expert at Horsham District Council, we approached a carver with a view to a commission. Unfortunately, after some more research, it was discovered, that although sycamore is very suitable for carving artworks that will be exhibited indoors, it does not last well in the weather and would deteriorate quite quickly.

Environmentally, it is considered to be bad practice to remove the stump, so alternatives are being looked into. One is to use it as a base for climbing plants.

The site was left in a very untidy state so Storrington In Bloom raised a work party to tidy it up a bit. As you can see from the photos it is a work in progress. To be continued………..

Storrington in Bloom tidying up stump

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