A27 Arundel Bypass – another public consultation

National Highways is holding another consultation about the proposals for the A27 Arundel Bypass scheme.  This time it’s not about the route.

The broad route of the A27 Arundel bypass was agreed with the publication of the Preferred Route Announcement in October 2020 and the selection of the Grey route.

The purpose of this statutory consultation is to invite comments on detailed matters of the design of The Scheme, ahead of submission of the Development Consent Order (DCO) application in 2022, as required by Section 47 of the Planning Act 2008. The consultation will be carried out in accordance with the proposals set out in the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) and the Planning Act 2008. The consultation will not reopen the route option selection process as this has been completed with the selection of the Grey route.

The objectives of this consultation will be to:

  1. Help local people understand the nature, and potential local impact, of the Scheme
  2. Enable members of the public to have their say on the Scheme with the potential to help guide the evolution of the Scheme design whilst maximising local benefits and minimising any drawbacks
  3. Explain how previous consultation feedback has helped to shape the Scheme
  4. Provide an opportunity for additional or environmental mitigation measures to be identified for consideration and potential inclusion within the Scheme application
  5. Identify potential opportunities for the Scheme to support wider strategic or local objectives.

The consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks from Tuesday 11th January 2022 to Tuesday 8th March 2022. During the consultation period National Highways will publish information on which stakeholders and local communities will be able to comment, including:

  1. Aspects of the alignment of the Scheme;
  2. Junction layouts;
  3. Preliminary environmental information;
  4. Arrangements for the construction phase of the Scheme; and
  5. Arrangements to manage impacts on communities.

By making changes to the A27 at Arundel, National Highways is aiming to:

  • improve safety
  • increase the capacity of the network
  • reduce congestion and travel time
  • have as little impact as possible on the environment
  • protect and enhance the quality of the surrounding environment and local communities through high quality design
  • respect the South Downs National Park and its special qualities

Have your say!

There are lots of ways you can say what you think and help shape the future of the scheme:

  • there will be a series of COVID-secure public consultation events to give more information about the proposals.
  • you can view information documents at deposit points in public buildings.  The nearest is Storrington Library.
  • all of the consultation information, documents and a virtual consultation room are available at the website www.nationalhighways.co.uk/a27arundel
  • complete the FEEDBACK FORM
A27 Arundel Bypass Consultation FEEDBACK FORM
A27 Arundel Bypass Statutory Consultation Brochure January 2022
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A27 Arundel Bypass Statement of Community Consultation
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