Action on road safety in Storrington

Speedwatch Team

Storrington Community Speedwatch is celebrating! After a significant contribution from West Sussex County Council the crowd funding campaign, launched in February, reached its target!

Now we will be able to fund more advertising for volunteers, and a second Laser device, to achieve the goal of increasing our presence on the local roadside by 25%!

WSCC Leader and Storrington County Councillor Paul Marshall said –

“ I’ve known Storrington’s Speedwatchers for some time, and am impressed how they give their time freely and positively. I’ve had many discussions with both our local police and fellow councillors, and reached the conclusion that to see our own Speedwatchers at the roadside, encouraging drivers to observe the speed limits, and the support they receive from pedestrians, has proved to me they deserve this success. I’m glad WSCC was able to play its part!”

Our thanks to all the backers who contributed to the campaign. As a result of features in the press and social media we have already recruited and trained 4 new volunteers, enabling us to improve road safety in and around Storrington.

With 25 volunteer operators, Storrington Community Speedwatch is a leading group in West Sussex, and gains strong and regular support from Sussex Police and Storrington Parish Council.

This all means that the volunteers will be able to deliver more roadside sessions, and their visibility will encourage more drivers to drive safely.

Our thanks to all the volunteers who can be proud of the contribution they have made to the safety of Storrington’s roads.

You can contact Storrington Community Speedwatch on

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