Celebration reading challenge at Storrington Library

Storrington Library

To celebrate the Horsham District Year of Culture, West Sussex Libraries are running a reading challenge across the seven Horsham district libraries – Horsham, Storrington, Henfield, Steyning, Billingshurst, Pulborough and Southwater. The challenge is to make twelve reading resolutions that will inspire you, challenge you and connect you to fellow readers in the district.

You can sign up by popping into any Horsham district library with your library card (or some ID) or by giving them a ring.


Storrington Library

Ryecroft Lane Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4PA Phone: 01903 839050 Website: arena.westsussex.gov.uk/-/storrington-library#/?location=Storrington%20Library

You might want to join as an individual reader, looking to kick start a reading habit or get out of a reading rut. Or perhaps you would like to join as part of a reading group. However you choose to be involved, anyone is welcome to take up the challenge. You can join at any time, and don’t panic if you miss a month – just read as many as you can and most importantly, enjoy!

So what is the challenge?

Read a book each month from the following themes:

January read a novel based on a real person or event

February read a book published over 100 years ago

March read a collection of short stories

April read a book under 150 pages

May read a book that was banned at some point

June read a translated book

July read a book with a connection to Horsham District

August read a book written by someone under the age of 30

September read a book recommended to you by a friend, librarian or neighbouring book group

October read a prize winning book

November read a children’s classic

December read a book published this year

Every month, the libraries will be posting lists of recommended reads and book reviews for books that fit the themes to their reading challenge blog, available at https://horshamdistrictreadingchallenge.wordpress.com.

They’re also keen to read and publish book reviews written by local people, and reviews can be submitted via the contact us form on the blog.

For further information and to sign up, pop into Storrington, Pulborough or any other Horsham district library.

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