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Sussex Green Living - Storrington Recycling Collection Changes

The Sussex Green Living (SGL) Recycling point was set up at the Chanctonbury Leisure Centre in mid 2021. Since that time SGL volunteers have collected and sorted up to 30kg of single-use plastic each month which is then forwarded to the Sussex Green Hub in Horsham.

The good news is that our supermarkets have finally stepped up and are taking responsibility for the great majority of soft plastic packaging. All the local Supermarkets will now take almost all soft plastic packaging and, if we want to do our bit, we need to get into the habit of collecting all this packaging separately and taking it to supermarket collection points.

As a result of this step forward, changes will be made to the collections at the Leisure Centre.

After Friday 5th April, the recycling bins at the Leisure Centre will be available on Friday mornings only. You may already have noticed this information on the collecting bins. From this date, we will only accept a rather shorter list of items which are not collected by Horsham District Council from your blue top recycling bin, nor can they be recycled at local supermarkets.

During March, we will be sharing more information on the website and Village Facebook pages, as well as providing printed fliers with much more information about the specific items that we will be collecting going forward.

Thanks to our loyal recycling supporters.

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