Changes to Storrington Recycling Collection Friday 5th April


Recreation Ground Car Park,  Friday mornings only 09.30-12.00

Sussex Green Living (“SGL”) would like to help you to recycle more, and we would like you to help us to recycle more. This sounds like a WIN WIN situation for the benefit of both of us, doesn’t it?

Most of the items collected in our local village drop off collecting bins are hand sorted locally before being taken up to the SGL hub in Horsham, where despatches to Terracycle and some other groups, are organised. We know that recycling and reprocessing under carefully controlled conditions (such as those practised by Terracycle in the UK itself, so that available resources can be re-used), is good for the environment, good for our planet, and therefore good for all of us too.

The question of what can be recycled where, often seems rather complex and confusing, even to people who really try to be a positive recycler.

We have updated two helpful documents which we hope will clarify some of those complexities: the first one is a straightforward summary of some common everyday packaging items and indicates which can be passed to Horsham District Council Recycling via your own blue top bin; which to the local SGL recycling bins; and which ones can go to Supermarkets or other specific stores. You will notice that some of the items can be taken to more than one of these. Sadly, the only option for some items is your Horsham DC waste bin.

The second document is a shorter updated list covering recycling with SGL in Storrington. There is a copy of this document inside the lid of the 2 blue bins at the Storrington drop off point in the Leisure Centre Car Park.

Please note that the items you can put in these bins is changing from 5 April 2024 and details of the new list are included here.

Storrington - Where to take recyclable items

Where there is a difference between the two documents, please refer to the local information inside the bin lid. This will be kept up to date specifically for Storrington.

If you do have any questions, you can email, and we will do our best to answer you.

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