Dr Newsom, Glebe Surgery, letter re Covid-19 Omicron variant

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14 December 2021

Dear Patients,

As I am sure, you are aware a new COVID-19 virus variant Omicron, is spreading throughout the UK.

The discovery of the Omicron variant once again requires an extraordinary response from the NHS. On Sunday night, the Prime Minister announced the new vaccination challenge which will see the NHS deliver more vaccines over the coming weeks than ever before, and will require us to prioritise activities to deliver this.

However, even with the additional protection that vaccine boosters will give, the threat from
Omicron remains serious. The UK chief medical officers on 12 December increased their assessment of the COVID-19 threat level to 4, and advice from SAGE is that the number of people requiring specialist hospital and community care could be significant over the coming period.

A Level 4 National Incident has been declared, in recognition of the impact on the NHS of both
supporting the vital increase in the vaccination programme and preparing for a potentially significant increase in COVID-19 cases.

General Practice is asked to increase its capacity to vaccinate people as quickly as possible while maintaining urgent on day care and cancer services.

The more people that are vaccinated the less likely this COVID-19 variant will cause severe illness and even death.

Your support during the past year has allowed us to vaccinate nearly 50,000 people at The Glebe Surgery and in the process save lives. Once again, we are asking for your help.

We will be trying to offer up to 4000 vaccination appointment before 31st December 2021. We will being doing this by vaccinating Monday to Friday 2pm – 6pm from Thursday 16th December until Thursday 30th December (excluding Bank Holidays). In addition, we have added clinics onto the NATIONAL BOOKING SERVICE for MONDAY 20th December, WEDNESDAY 22nd DECEMBER and THURSDAY 30th DECEMBER and will add more dates going forward.

Although many of our vaccination team are volunteers from outside of the surgery, it is likely the Glebe Surgery doctors and nurses will also need to help.

There will not be so many routine appointments available during this period. However, if you have an urgent medical problem or feel your concern cannot wait for a routine appointment then please let our staff know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Due to these exceptional circumstances, we will have to postpone some routine work. Although
there is Government support to do this in order to provide more vaccinations, we hope this will be minimal. If we do need to cancel your appointment, we will contact you and offer you the next available date.

We would appreciate patients continuing to wear masks and socially distance when attending the surgery. We also ask that you only attend the surgery if it is truly unavoidable.

We are advising everyone to be vaccinated, and will be happy to administer a first, second or
booster vaccination to all those eligible during the run up to Christmas and the New Year.

National Health Service England have informed general practices of the order in which we are to vaccinate. We know who is eligible for a booster vaccine and when.

If you are eligible, please book your booster vaccination on-line

Some of our clinics will now be available to book via the National Booking Service available either on-line or by calling 119

Please note if you arrive for a booster vaccine and you are less than 91 days since your second dose then we will not be able to vaccinate you.

Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times. Please be assured that The Glebe Surgery will be doing its best.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Keir Newsom

Dr Keir Newsom MBBS
The Glebe Surgery

The Glebe
West Sussex
RH20 4FR
01903 742942


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