Fencing at Sullington Warren

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This autumn we will be putting in some post and wire fencing around areas of heath at Sullington Warren. The fenced areas have in recent years suffered from extensive Heather Beetle damage which is affecting the regrowth of Heather. This year’s drought has also shown how vulnerable the Heather is with extensive dieback visible throughout the Warren.

The fencing will minimise the disturbance from visitors and their dogs in stopping the creation of desire lines across the parts of the heath. The fence line will only be up for a few years until the heather becomes more robust.

The hope is that these areas of undisturbed heath will in time become more attractive to ground-nesting birds such as Skylark and Nightjar that used to be present at Sullington Warren recently.

Please help us look after the Warren by keeping to the paths along the fenced off areas. We thank you for your cooperation and if you would like any information, please contact the Ranger Team at South Downs Central on 01243 814730 or email southdownscentral@nationaltrust.org.uk

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