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The Planning and Development Committee of the council is meeting at 7.15pm Thursday 15 February 2024 in the Studio Room, Chanctonbury Leisure Centre, Spierbridge Road, Storrington, RH20 4PG

Members of the public are invited to attend

For the full details of the meeting: S&SPC Planning & Development Committee.  It will include two key local issues:

Horsham District Council Regulation 19 Local Plan 2023-2040

The draft District Local Plan is out for consultation.

The consultation period ends at 5pm on the 1st March and objections / comments can be made through the HDC website  or in writing. If your comments are made via the web they will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate as part of their review, if you send them by post it is not clear whether HDC have to send in your actual letter or can make a précis of it.

The role of the Planning Inspectorate is to assess whether the plan is ‘sound’ in relation to a string of policies.  To be ‘sound’ it has to be:

  1. ‘Justified’ meaning it is an appropriate strategy taking into account the reasonable alternatives, based on proportionate evidence.
  2. ‘Effective’ meaning that based on what has been submitted, the plan is deliverable over the plan period, and any key matters have been dealt with, rather than deferred in such a way as to limit the deliverability of the plan.
  3. ‘Consistent with national policy’ in relation to sustainable development according to the various policies in the framework and other national planning policies.

A number of local groups throughout the District are advising their members as to where they believe the District Local Plan fails on these 3 counts from their perspective. For example, in the Storrington & Sullington Parish there is a group called Stop Storrington Sprawl, which focuses on land north of Melton Drive/Downsview designated as part of the Green Gap between Storrington and West Chiltington in the Neighbourhood Plan, but accepted for potential housing development in the District Local Plan.

Most of these local groups are not opposed to building where the community has been listened to and there is a delivered community benefit in relation to social housing, a high bio-diversity gain, future proofing homes for climate change and a true delivery of the required infrastructure (e.g. GP surgeries and other medical services, dentists, schools, roads, power lines, broadband, sewerage, public transport etc.). In general, these considerations have been expressed in Neighbourhood Plans supported by referendum votes and “made” by Horsham District Council.

Once a Neighbourhood Plan is “made”, it is accepted by the District Council as part of its Development Plan and should be used in the determination of planning applications within the Neighbourhood Plan designated area. This is the status of the Storrington, Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2031. Elements of the draft District Local Plan appear to be in conflict with several Neighbourhood Plans, including the one for Storrington, Sullington and Washington.

If you want to understand more, please come to the meeting on at 7pm, 15 February, and please submit your opinion to Horsham District Council.

Development of 247 dwellings at Thakeham Mushrooms Site, Storrington Road, Thakeham

DC/24/0021 Planning Application

This planning application involves the demolition of existing buildings and the phased redevelopment of the site as a residential led development comprising 247 dwellings and flexible non-residential floorspace (Use Class E), with works to public rights of way and associated landscaping, open space and infrastructure.

An increase in housing of this scale will have a considerable impact on local infrastructure within and beyond the village of Thakeham. Do the plans cover the necessary infrastructure expansion and will timescales enable growth in services to match the speed of development?

Submitted to the Storrington Community Website using the News Item contact form.

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