Make poppies for Sullington Windmills WI

Poppies Sullington Windmills

Sullington Windmills WI want to create a “poppy flow” to be attached to the tree in Place Villerest in the centre of the village in November, to support the efforts of the Royal British Legion.

Our members are busy knitting and crocheting poppies but we need hundreds. If there are any members of the community who would like help, we would love to receive your poppies. I realise that having spare bright red wool in your cupboards might be rare! I do have a pattern. If anyone would like it then email me and I will send it.

But all sorts are welcome, it doesn’t have to be just one pattern. Any pattern available on the internet would be fine. We could always include purple poppies (they represent the fallen animals) if people have purple wool!

Please email when you’ve finished and we will collect them or arrange for you to deliver them but there is no rush. We will need them by the beginning of October.

Many thanks!

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