More new homes for swifts, thanks to the Parish Council

Parish Hall swift boxes

The Storrington & Sullington Parish Council boosted their green credentials by allowing our local Sussex Wildlife Trust Regional Group to install three purpose-built swift nest boxes on the rear of the Parish Hall on Thakeham Road.

Located close to a known nest site it is hoped that the boxes will quickly be discovered by swifts looking for a new home, as these days new nest sites are hard to find for these specialist roof dwellers which are on the UK Red list (Birds of Conservation Concern). One of the reasons for the drastic decline in swift numbers is thought to be a lack of suitable nest sites. Modern houses and uPVC replacement soffits and facia boards on existing buildings have eliminated many of the nooks and crannies historically used by swifts to nest in.

The installation of the boxes on the Parish Hall completes the programme of installations by the SWT Regional group which has seen more than 50 boxes installed in Storrington & Sullington, Amberley, Billingshurst and Pulborough. The project was funded by Wilder Horsham District and relied largely on homeowners agreeing to host the boxes, several public buildings also offered locations and there’s even one on the Storringon & Sullington Scout hut. Our thanks to everyone who came forward to increase the nesting opportunities for this iconic species.

Wilder Horsham District is an innovative five-year partnership between Sussex Wildlife Trust and Horsham District Council working to deliver a Nature Recovery Network for Horsham District. Working closely with local communities and landowners, the project aims to reverse the decline in species and habitats and enrich the natural environment for all residents and visitors.

The Group is now busy keeping everything crossed that the swifts find the boxes and start to nest. The sparrows certainly appreciated them early in the season but now the swifts have arrived in numbers so that could all change. If you want to enjoy the spectacle of their dramatic flight and calls, there’s no better place than the Waitrose car park at dusk.

Storrington & Arun Valley SWT Regional Group

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