Neighbourhood Watch: it’s a good time to join!

Neighbourhood Watch

Bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities.

If you are already a member of Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) – congratulations – you are part of the UK’s largest grassroots movement – and together we make communities safer and friendlier right across the country. In Horsham District we have nearly 700 schemes with perhaps 15,000 members.

With your help we can do even more and we’re aiming to make our movement even bigger, safer and friendlier.

Bigger – We aim to recruit more co-ordinators and map our schemes so more people can find their local schemes and join us.

Safer – Crime is changing and we are giving out new, more varied advice about how to prevent the new challenges facing our communities.

Friendlier – It’s not all about crime. Neighbourhood Watch brings communities closer and we offer support right across our network to help you do that.

If you are already a part of our movement – Thank you!

Not yet a member of Neighbourhood Watch? Thinking of joining us? There’s never been a better time to join Neighbourhood Watch. Our movement has distinctive window stickers, dedicated volunteers and up-to-date advice to help stop you being a victim of crime.

To find your nearest scheme go to our website and just enter your postcode. Or send an email to

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