New benches from Storrington In Bloom

Old Mill Drive bench

After noticing the benches in the wall along Old Mill Drive were in a poor state of repair, Storrington In Bloom (SIB) did some research to find out whose responsibility they were. It turns out nobody claims them – not the Parish Council, not Horsham District Council, not West Sussex County Council, and not the owners of Old Mill Square!

So….. SIB decided to take action. We bought the required materials – recycled plastic lumber – and enlisted the help of a volunteer group supervised by Darren Rolfe, Senior Community Solutions Officer, West Sussex County Council. These volunteers come from all over the county, at their own expense, some from as far afield as East Grinstead, and give up their time to community projects.

While working on the benches they had to put with a lot of sarcastic comments from passers-by.
Darren said: “The remarks seem to centre around there being too many people fixing the benches for them! I don’t think that we have received as many negative remarks from passers-by at any task we have undertaken yet.”

Come on Storrington! – these guys deserve your thanks, not to have to put up with rudeness. I hope when they return to finish the job Storrington will be much more appreciative.

Coordinator, Storrington In Bloom

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