New Storrington and Sullington Parish Neighbourhood Wardens

Storrington and Sullington Parish has two new Neighbourhood Wardens. Here is what they can do to assist the community:

  • Provide a reassuring, uniformed patrolling presence.
  • Provide an efficient eyes and ears service aimed at reducing fear of crime and improving the quality of life.
  • Deal with environmental crime issues, notably dog fouling and littering, and help to preserve the environment.
  • Reduce incidents of criminal damage and anti- social behaviour by taking enforcement action where necessary, including issuing Fixed Penalty Notices, or referring to the police.
  • Support the community by encouraging the establishment of activities for young people.
  • Support vulnerable members of the community by preventing isolation.
  • Offer advice on crime prevention and fire safety in the home.
  • Work in partnership with other agencies to help benefit the community.
  • Act as professional witnesses.

This is what they do not do:

  • They are not a replacement for the police.
  • They are not an emergency service or response team. Crime and anti-social behaviour should be reported to the police directly.
  • As they do not work 24/7 there will be times when neither warden is on duty.
  • When dealing with the elderly and vulnerable, they are not there to provide a care service but they are able to signpost to the relevant agencies.
  • They are not parking wardens and cannot issue parking tickets.

If you wish to speak to the Wardens in confidence, then give them a call (numbers above).


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