Road misuse in Storrington caught on camera

Nigel Emery of the Nifty Gallery caught this video of trucks making dangerous turns at the mini-roundabout in Storrington.  He filmed it at 12.45 on Tuesday lunchtime 11th August.  It’s an excellent example of the problem with the junction of the High Street, Manley’s Hill and School Hill.

Two lorries make the turn between Manley’s Hill and School Hill.  In this case they avoid colliding with the buildings, but they make the streets dangerous for pedestrians and other road users.

Nigel said:

I think we need to manage the traffic more efficiently by improved crossing points and slowing the speed of the traffic passing through the village, at the moment it does not feel like a rural village with nice shops and cafes.

Why should people be faced with thundering lorries and anti-social driving?

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