Steam Rally traffic through Storrington and Cootham

Parham House and Gardens is delighted to welcome the Sussex Steam Rally to Parham this weekend (9th and 10th July) for a celebration of traditional steam and vintage vehicles.

As a consequence of the preparation for this event, there may be some congestion on the A283 in the vicinity of Clay Lane over the next couple of days as the exhibitors start to arrive. We also anticipate that there is likely to be heavy traffic through Storrington and Cootham on the Saturday and Sunday as vehicles make their way to the show. The Steam Rally will have marshals in place to control the flow of traffic and we are satisfied that every effort will be made to keep delays on the main roads to a minimum. We would be grateful for your understanding over the coming week, and we apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this does cause for those living nearby.

If you would like to learn more about the show, or purchase tickets, you can do so from the show website:

Parham Park Limited

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