Storrington author is set to have his second novel published

Jeff Funnell 2nd book

Jeffrey Funnell, a Storrington resident, is set to have his second follow on novel ‘Simon Blunt: The Broker’, published at the end of this month.

‘Simon Blunt: The Broker’ is a thriller which shows you the inner workings of corporate banking and the shady undergrowth of those who try their luck against it. A story following the disappearance of £75million -with wrongdoers in disguise, murderers in the shadows and blackmailers waiting to pounce.

When speaking of what inspired him to write the series, Jeffrey said: “Using my personal experiences, I began book one in 2012, hoping to portray something of the reality of working in the Lloyd’s market, with characters based on real people I knew.  Though works of complete fiction, they do, I hope, convey the sense that difficult, high-profile and often worrying situations are commonplace within the London insurance market and are often resolved by ordinary working people, with normal, down-to-earth home lives.”

‘Simon Blunt: The Broker’, published by Austin Macauley, will be released on 29/02/2016. For further information please visit

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