Storrington Community Football Club scores a professional new website thanks to a new scheme.

Storrington Community Football Club

Storrington Community Football Club are delighted to announce the launch of their brand new website thanks to a new scheme initiated by two Storrington businesses.

Storrington Football Club, known these days as the Swans, was officially formed in 1883 when the first-ever Sussex football league was formed, and in 1977 the Storrington Vipers was formed to provide training and access to football for children under 16. It was in 2017 that the Swans and the Vipers combined to create the Storrington Community Football Club (SCFC) that we know today.

As the name implies, Storrington Community Football Club strives to create wider links within the community and have good relationships with surrounding schools, businesses and other football clubs. An ethos that both Alan Stainer of South Downs Web ( and Matt Bennett of BlueFlameDesign ( also share.

Alan and Matt both live in Storrington village and collaborate frequently on creative and web design projects together. They decided that they wanted to give something back to the community and started a scheme to offer charities and non-profit organisations the opportunity to get a fully functioning, professionally designed website for the cost of a domain name (if required) and an annual hosting fee, with no charge for the web design work. This scheme would be ideal for small charities and non-profit organisations with limited funding.

Storrington Community Football Club is the first organisation to take advantage of their scheme, which started in January 2019 and have said that they are absolutely thrilled with the new website.

“The new website has all the information that supporters and visitors to the club need and we are continuing to add to it and keep it up to date for our supporters.

Alan and Matt are a pleasure to work with. As a combined team they are very experienced and knowledgeable. We loved their ideas and the new website really captures the community feeling that we wanted to portray. We can’t thank them enough and would certainly recommend other clubs to take advantage of their talents.”

Matt commented: “We offered the local football club the chance to have a professional website designed, built and hosted at minimal costs. Alan and I have spent a considerable amount of time and energy in designing the new website which will give supporters a better experience both on desktop and mobile platforms.”

Alan concluded: “We have thoroughly enjoyed working with SCFC with the design and development of their new website. It’s a great feeling to give something back and to help local charities and the like build a more professional brand presence both on and offline. We hope that the new website works well for them.”

Alan and Matt have stated that they intend to offer this opportunity each year and are currently looking for a community group or charity to help in 2020.

If you are a registered UK charity or non-profit organisation looking to make your budget go further and would like a new professionally designed website built for you, then please contact either Matt ( or Alan ( for further details.

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