Storrington Conservation news: Fryern Dell open air adventure for children


A recent national survey has found over a quarter of children in the 8-15 age range have never played outside by themselves except in a garden, over half have never seen a flock of starlings. In the last year less than half have been out with their school to learn about wildlife. No doubt figures for Storrington children are more heartening. We are fortunate in our location. One of the aims of our Society is to make it easier for children to enjoy contact with the natural world, to appreciate trees and birdsong, the splash of a waterfall, wind in the hair. Our work at Fryern Dell in part enables such enjoyment. A time of freedom from electronic gadgetry to find adventure in the open air reconnects with reality and helps a sense of well being for all ages.

There was a division of labour (not a political comment) on Saturday 2nd July when there were enough volunteers to form two work parties. One in Fryern Dell, backfilling part of the recently installed bank restoration barrier with chalk. Protection of the riverbank footpath for the benefit of walkers is an ongoing process. The other work party was at the West Street Garden preparing for the ‘In Bloom’ judging on 7th July. Great to see such enthusiasm! We hope that together with the other organisations making preparations, Storrington will be rewarded. One of the advantages of the West Street venue is that passers-by stop to give encouragement – who knows, they may be inspired to join us.

This year instead of taking a well-deserved break in August we plan to carry with our work. Therefore our next work party will be on 6th August at 10.00am. We meet at Fryern Dell. We will be carrying on with the backfilling of the restored bank with chalk. Wellies will be a good idea.. There is as always an open invitation for any who would like to take part. Friendly company guaranteed. For details of the Thursday work party on 18th August at 2.00pm, please refer to our website.

For information about this and all our activities, or becoming a member, please get in touch with Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or look on our website


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