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SCS Autumn Colours

At the time of writing, the results of the ‘In Bloom’ competition are unknown, even so, it is right to say ‘thank you’ to all who put in the hard work of preparation to such good effect. Seeing beautiful colours lifts the spirits.

Last month I mentioned how much the honey bees also appreciate the flowers. However it is not only in public areas or in large gardens where bees and other insects can find nectar and pollen. Even the smallest gardens can provide suitable plants for them, as well as making for attractive displays. The use of pot plants where space is limited is one solution. Research has shown that blue or purple flowers are preferred by bees. Herbs such as lavender and thyme are examples, and fuchsias are ornamental with long lasting flowers. Where space permits in larger gardens, an area set aside for wild-flowers and grasses have their own beauty as well as meeting the needs of bees.

Our work parties meet next on Saturday 2nd September at 10.00am at Fryern Dell, managing and restoring the woodland in the Victorian Pleasure Garden. For those who wish to give more time, the morning work can be extended to 3.00pm. For details of the Thursday work party on 21st September at 2.00pm, please refer to our website nearer the time. A reminder to those who wish to share our work, we provide equipment such as hand tools and gloves. Wearing wellies is usually a good idea. And refreshments are provided at break time. Just turn up and enjoy the open air and exercise in good company.

For information about this and all our activities, or becoming a member, please get in touch with Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or look on our website

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