Storrington Conservation News: skylarks & wildflowers

Clearing the Stor

For those fortunate enough to be walking on the Downs, hearing the cascade of skylark song raises the spirits. As does the sight of cowslips brightening up the landscape. Neither pleasure can be bought, but both are enjoyed freely. Truly priceless. Skylarks are fewer than they were (loss of habitat), whereas cowslips are making a comeback, thanks to seeding and protection. If we wish to hear the lark, see wild flowers, not just for our benefit but for that of future generations, conservation is essential, and makes for a healthy environment.

This is true for so much wildlife of value. Conservationists are not an endangered species (yet), even so, adding to their number will ensure their survival and effectiveness. Wildlife needs them. Being involved brings its own reward. Give it a go!

Keeping streams free of rubbish and other pollution is part of conservation, so our work party on 1st April was busy clearing banks and the stream at Riverside Walk between Love Lane and Fryern Dell. Among other rubbish, we found bicycle parts, masonry, scrap iron, bottles, cans and plastic items. Our next Saturday work party is on 6th May starting at 10.00am. We will be carrying out similar work on the stretch of stream used for the Duck Race. We meet in the Library Carpark, equipment is provided. If you wish to join us, bring wellies to enjoy the splashing about. For details of the Thursday work party on 18th May at 2.00pm, please refer to our website.

For information about this and all our activities, or becoming a member, please get in touch with Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or look on our website

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