Storrington Conservation Society – April 2023 Newsletter

The work party on Thursday 16th March was at Foxmead Court clearing the pond. It was saved by the Society 30 years ago: it now provides an attractive feature for the enjoyment of the residents as well as providing wildlife habitat. The weather had the last laugh on Saturday 1st April so the rubbish gathering along local pathways had to be abandoned.. We were planning on 6th May to clear the banks and stream at Riverside Walk in preparation for the Duck Race. However, while King Charles probably encourages Societies like ours, out of respect for his Coronation we are considering an alternative date.

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Until 1986 canaries in cages were being taken down coal mines. When they dropped off their perches miners knew there was a dangerous level of firedamp – mostly the poisonous and explosive gas methane – in the air they breathed. Recent research published in the journal Environmental Pollution shows that grey squirrels in inner cities suffer lung damage due to air pollution. This would indicate that not only wild animals but also pet cats and dogs are at risk. To say nothing of people.

These examples show wildlife, as well as being harmed by foul air, provide warnings to us of the direct health risks we face by our failure to reduce the production of carbon dioxide and methane. This in addition to the dangers of climate change. We may not be canaries, squirrels, miners or live in an inner city, (but sadly Storrington High Street can’t claim to have clean air). We all share the same air. The science is undeniable. The response depends on every one of us.

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