Storrington Conservation Society – June 2021 Newsletter

Photo of flowers in meadow

The work party on Saturday on 6th June started at 10.00am as planned. A fine sunny morning after the previous wet day: after the dry spell that rain had been gratefully received by gardeners, as well as refreshing crops and vegetation.

The work involved weeding around the fruit trees at The Glade and path clearing, including trimming back brambles for the benefit of walkers, leaving other parts untouched. We were able to enjoy once again a convivial coffee break. Though The Glade is not a very large woodland, it is a pleasant haven for wildlife and is good for our wellbeing.

More and more we are becoming aware of the benefits of allowing wild plants, especially wildflowers, to thrive. Unmown areas may look untidy, but when the variety of flowers and grasses are allowed to develop they provide a wonderful picture, as well as giving bees and other insects the habitat they need. They are vital for pollinating the crops on which we depend. The urge to make all nature obey our tidying instinct has to be kept in check, we should welcome and appreciate areas left to care for themselves, recognise the beauty of the unkempt places. Even the variety of the humble grass provides a fascinating display, part of nature’s artistry. Such areas are not neglected but managed in the autumn, when the flowers have seeded.

On our Saturday 3rd July work morning, we will be carrying out our summer work around the Mill Pond, Old Mill Drive and West Street Garden. Starting again at 10.00am.

As ever all volunteers are welcome, we meet in Old Mill Drive opposite Waitrose. Gardening clothes advisable, other equipment is  provided. Plus a coffee break.

For information about our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website:

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