Storrington Conservation Society – June Newsletter

The work party met on Saturday, 1st June at Fryern Dell to continue our conservation work in the Victorian Pleasure Garden. It is important to keep it as a peaceful haven for all to enjoy the wildlife, including birds, squirrels, a variety of wild flowers in their season, special trees and other plants including rhododendrons. The stream, with its waterfall provides restful background music! As usual, stout footwear may be needed when working here and at all our work parties.

Our next work party is on 6th July at 10.00am at Hurston Warren SSSI to carry out more Himalayan Balsam removal. All are invited to join us, sharing transport where possible.

Both of the above activities are aimed at conserving valuable sites for the benefit of endangered native species and our benefit.

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley. Travellers waiting at Gatwick for a cancelled flight would agree with Robert Burns! No doubt we have all had times when our plans are thwarted by events beyond our control or by our own mistakes. And we know plans may well be disrupted by the weather. Farmers are especially at its mercy for their livelihood. A concern for all as our food is put at risk. Particularly serious as weather patterns are changing with the occurrence of more and more extreme events -a trend that is set to continue as the planet becomes warmer and warmer, unless serious action is taken to deal with our production of greenhouse gases. The ‘best laid’ long term schemes, national, local or personal that do not take this into account are miscalled ‘best laid’ they are misleading. Climate change is a global issue but also requires local action. It is easy to point to other people and nations who have bigger carbon footprints than us. Then there are many more other people and nations, usually the less affluent, who can say the same of us. We cannot rely on others to act if we are not prepared to do so.

For information about this and our other activities, or on becoming a member, or offering advice, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website.

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