Storrington Conservation Society – Nature and Children


There is something very special happening when a child first shows wonder at a natural beauty. It might be a butterfly warming itself or a bee gathering nectar. Perhaps a bird feeding a fledgling. Even a spider weaving a web can fascinate those with eyes to see. There is so much loveliness around us, yet we don’t often pause to enjoy it. Particularly sad when children don’t have the time or opportunity to do so.

Research has found that only 10% of children spend any time in contact with the natural world. Urbanisation and electronic gadgetry get in the way, to say nothing of pressures at school. As a result too often they grow up unaware that wild life is wonderful, valuable and needs to be cared for. Exploring woodland, pond dipping, bird watching, rock pooling and so on are joys in themselves. Great therapy. They also may be the start of a lifetime of love for the natural world.
We hope the work we do in making Fryern Dell more accessible enables children (of all ages) to enjoy our local woodland, and provide inspiration.

The work party on 7th July was involved in the preparation for the ‘In Bloom’ judging later in the month, working mainly at the West Street garden and Old Mill Drive. We were glad to support the many others who give their time to keep our community attractive. We hope all such efforts will be recognised by the judges!
We have a break in August, and meet up again on 1st September at 10.00am at Fryern Dell, to continue our project of restoration of and care for the Victorian Garden. Those who share our concerns are invited join us if possible. Healthy exercise, coffee break, cheerful company guaranteed. Tools provided, work clothes recommended. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday season.

For information about this and all our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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