Storrington Conservation Society Newsletter – September 2023

There has been much in the world news recently about wildfires: loss of life, pictures of devastated forestry and homes reveal the horror. Firefighters and aircraft pilots battle the blazes, risking and sometimes losing their lives.

Wildfires have been a fact of life for many years but the current spate is greater than ever. It is beyond doubt that climate change leading to drought is a major cause. The fires themselves not only produce more CO2 but the loss of vegetation means less is absorbed. It makes it even more important for us to reduce our contribution to the problem. It is worth noting that naturally occurring wildfires around the world benefit many species, such as eucalyptus trees, which have evolved to rely on fires for habitat vitality and renewal. The perplexing thing is that there is evidence that suppression of naturally occurring wildfires is not always good, it can lead to much greater wildfires later on, as well as preventing the natural cycle of regeneration. Just one example of how human intervention to be appropriate needs accurate information (not always available) and intelligent judgement (always available?). This applies locally as well as nationally and internationally. As a Society we aim to do what we believe to be best in our area for the natural world, for the benefit of all.

Which is why the work party on 19th August at 10.00am met at Dyke Farm for hay raking and hedge tree weeding. Followed by a picnic at 12.00noon by the lake. It’s not all work!

The same motivation applies to the next work party which meets at 10.00am on 7th October at Hurston Warren SSSI (near the Golf Club) to clear invasive plants choking the heathland. Members old and new are invited to join us. Share transport where possible.

On Saturday 28th October at 2.00pm in the Village Hall we hold our AGM. All concerned for conservation are welcome. The inspirational speaker for the afternoon is Michael Blencowe, the Lost Woods Community Development Officer, to give a talk ‘The Wildlife of the Lost Woods’, highlighting some of the interesting wild life to be found in the Lost Woods area. The afternoon concludes with tea and cakes. Not to be missed.

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