Storrington Conservation Society – November Newsletter

Storrington Conservation Society

On 18th October a Climate Change Public Forum took place in Pulborough Village Hall. Five very knowledgeable speakers provided information to a full audience about the causes of climate change and what needs to be done to prevent it becoming catastrophic.

We learned for about 11,000 years our climate has been fairly stable. Now the earth’s average temperature is rising rapidly. The chief culprits are carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere. Caused by human activity, leading to the greenhouse effect. It is a global problem requiring international, national, local and individual action..The remedies include the planting of a large number of trees, changes in farming practice, strict building regulations to ensure low energy use homes, reduction of use of carbon based fuels, modifying our diets (eat more veg), minimising car use and flying (a main offender), recycling and reusing. The list goes on. The point was made that we all need to be involved. Yes Governments and Councils must act, but we can apply pressure by example and lobbying.

At our well attended AGM on 26th October Chairman Mick Denness gave a brief summary of the activities of the Society over the past year and outlined plans for the future. These include extending our work areas to include Hurston Warren SSSI. The speaker for the afternoon was Sarah Ward Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Marine Officer. She spoke of the variety of Sussex coastal habitats and the wildlife they support. Problems are caused by damage, degradation, pollution, climate change and pressure on resources. Her work includes liaison with developers, the fishing industry and dredging companies in the interests of conservation. Encouraging developments are the extending of Marine Conservation Zones and the project to restore the kelp forest. The latter helping to capture carbon dioxide. A very informative and entertaining talk.

Disappointingly, the work party on 2nd November had to be cancelled due to high winds and rain. Something to do with climate change? Our next work party will again be at Fryern Dell on 7th December starting at 10.00am. The aim is to clear self-seeded trees around the pond. Healthy gentle exercise among like minded people. And a coffee break. Come along, there is the risk you may enjoy it!

For information about this and all our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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