Storrington Conservation Society: October Newsletter

Stylised CO2 footprint

When this is being read, probably the climate conference, COP26, will be taking place. It is a critical moment for our planet, as many world leaders now recognise. No doubt there will be numerous commitments made to cut the use of greenhouse gas producing items.

Good intentions. Will they be adequate? If so, and more important, will they be implemented? Effective action will certainly involve accepting major changes to our way of life. Some have already taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint, all of us will need to follow suit. For our own sakes as well as for others and for future generations.

At the time of writing there are queues at petrol stations, rising gas prices and worries about shortage of supplies at Christmas. Very few of us are unaffected, a timely reminder of our dependence on one another. Climate change is not a problem for others, but for all.

The good news is that we can all play a part. Each of us can reduce waste by recycling, reusing and repairing. Customer power has already been used to persuade supermarkets to minimize packaging. Buying locally produced food and other goods reduces demands on transport. Those in authority can be lobbied to support vital care of the sea, which produces oxygen and absorbs CO2. The care involves protection and development of kelp forests, the elimination of the disgraceful process of the discharge of raw sewerage. Just a few of the many ways to get involved.

The plan for the work party to meet on 2nd October at Hurston Warren (next to the Golf Club) to clear this heathland SSSI of invasive vegetation, had to be cancelled due to relentless rain. The work there has been postponed to 6th November at 10.30am. All welcome to join us. Share transport if possible.

For information about this and our other activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website:

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