Storrington Conservation Society: October Newsletter

The first day of October, a sunny morning with gentle breeze – what better place to be than Hurston Warren with like minded company? A glorious setting for the work party to relish. The task? To further restore the SSSI, by clearing self seeded saplings. A good example of the ever changing landscape being conserved for the benefit of endangered species, such as the sand lizard. Also great restorative exercise for mind and body, uplifting the spirits, helped by a time to chat over a welcome cup of coffee.

It is not only the landscape which changes, as we have been sharply reminded by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She had been a constant reassuring presence in our lives for so long. Her faithfulness, not least to her commitment to fulfil her duty was much valued, as was witnessed by the queues and crowds which paid tribute to her at the time of mourning. We now look to her successor, King Charles III. It is good to know that as Prince he was among the first prominent people to show concern for the environment, the need to treat it with respect. He has been mocked as a ‘tree-hugger’ for his views. Those who mocked him should have the grace to admit they have been proved wrong. The care of his estates reflect his awareness that words are not enough, action is essential. Of course governments must act, but everyone has a part to play, however small.

For our next work party on 5th November at 10am and we are meeting at Hurston Warren again to continue on from our last session. As ever, all volunteers are welcome to join in. For information about this and our other activities, or on becoming a member, (no subscription is required, donations welcome) please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website.

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