Storrington Conservation Society – September 2020 Newsletter

traffic and flower

Earlier in the year when lockdown restrictions came into force there was an immediate reduction in all kinds of transport so air and noise pollution greatly decreased. As a result we were able to enjoy the spring. Cleaner air and the sound of birdsong were among the benefits. We were able to appreciate the natural world more fully.

With the relaxation of the restrictions, air and noise pollution has returned,  even if rather less than before. It is becoming clear that what is ‘normal’ has changed. More people work from home, more shopping is done on line. Social distancing is still necessary. The wearing of face masks is widely required. There is a greater awareness that conserving the environment is not just a hobby for the enthusiasts but a necessity for the good of all. It is to be hoped that the new ‘normal’ will include the necessary action. We can all play a part. Not least in our use and disposal of plastics. It is something of an irony that many non-resuable face masks are made of a kind of plastic which is indistructible. They have already been found in the sea.

The regular Saturday morning work party resumed on 5th September, and met in Fryern Dell, carrying out removal of invasive trees by the pond, and clearing the stream of dead wood and discarded rubbish. We next meet on 3rd October at Hurston Warren to clear invasive species from this important SSSI for the benefit of endangered native wildlife.

Our AGM and talk arranged for the 31st October has to be postponed in the light of the pandemic. It is hoped it will take place in the new year.

For information about our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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