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Storrington Conservation Society working party 2021 09

Not so long ago, British Rail carriages were divided into compartments, a small minority of which were marked ‘No Smoking’. It was not unusual, when trains were crowded, for people to enter these to find a seat and then to light up. They would be affronted if they were told not to do so. At that time, smoking was socially acceptable, even customary, just about everywhere.

Then the law was changed as it had become very clear that smokers were not only damaging their own health but also the health of those around them. Unintended, but serious consequences all the same. Similarly it was realised that lead in petrol was shortening the lives of those where exhaust fumes polluted the air. So leaded petrol was banned. It has now been recognised that diesel fuelled vehicles cause serious illnesses, hence the phasing out of their use. Just three examples of how individual’s actions, at first seemingly innocent, have an adverse affect on many others. This is true for many more activities. Not only locally. Use of fossil fuels anywhere adds to the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of the one world we share, each one of us affects others and they affect us, directly or indirectly. As we are realising as the climate changes.

The problem may feel too huge for us to do anything about it. Not true. For example, each one of us can conserve unrenewable resources, not only fuels, by reducing our use of them. It may be inconvenient, but is necessary if we are to avoid severe consequences. After our August break, the work party on 5th September cleared the paths and stream-sides downstream from the library car park, removing brambles, nettles and other foliage as well as removing litter and assorted rubbish.

We next meet at 10.30 on 3rd October at Hurston Warren (next to the Golf Club), to clear this heathland SSSI of invasive vegetation. All welcome to join us. Share transport if possible. Our AGM is on 30th October at 2.00pm in the Village Hall. Open to all, entrance £3 at the door. Our speaker is local resident Nicola Peel who is an inspirational speaker and climate change solutionist. Nicola will be telling us about the fantastic work that she has been doing with local communities in South America to improve their lives in a sustainable way.

For information about this and our other activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website:

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