Storrington Library: WSCC apologise for delayed reopening

Green Improvement Works at Storrington Library – Delay to the reopening of Storrington Library

“We are very sorry that the planned reopening of Storrington Library on Monday 4 March has now been postponed due to overrunning building works. We will post another update when we have further news.  Check Green Improvement Works at Storrington Library for full details and the latest information.

No items borrowed from Storrington Library will be due for return whilst it is closed, and no items can be returned to the library.”
West Sussex Libraries

In discussions with Storrington & Sullington Parish Councillors*, Louise Downey, Senior Sustainability Advisor, West Sussex County Council, provided additional information about the Library decarbonisation programme:

The decarbonisation works currently underway are estimated to reduce Storrington Library’s annual carbon emissions by 13tn CO2e (63% reduction). Gas use will be eliminated by switching heating from a gas boiler to an Air Source Heat Pump. Remaining emissions are therefore electricity, making the site net zero ready, with emissions reducing further as the national grid continues to decarbonise.

Measures being installed are:

  • Wall and roof insulation
  • Replacement of some windows/doors/rooflights to improve insulation
  • Heating control upgrades
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Solar PV

WSCC documents and links:

Climate Change Strategy 2020-2030

Tackling Climate Change Progress Report 2021-2023

West Sussex County Council Performance Dashboard

Sustainability for the local community

Louise also provided a number of links to the County Council and other websites which may be helpful to local residents and inspire wider climate action:

Actions you can take‘, explores themes such as energy efficiency, sustainable transport and biodiversity. We can also share details of relevant local events via the Events Diary.

The website also links through to the Climate Action Hub and the Community Climate Action Map where  people are encouraged to share what they are doing to tackle climate change in their area.

And there is a monthly Environment & Climate Change eNewsletter which you may wish to subscribe to and share with other residents. You can sign up to this and other council newsletters via this link.

The Impact Community Carbon Calculator aims to help parishes, wards and local authority areas understand their community’s carbon footprint and identify the areas where taking action to tackle climate change can make the biggest difference.

Funding: The Greater South East Net Zero Hub has information and links to various climate action funding options, and a new National Lottery Climate Action Fund is due to begin later in March.

* The discussions were between Louise Downey, Parish Councillors Liz Greengrass and Mark Cramer (Parish Council Chairman), and Paul Marshall (County Councillor for Storrington).   Dr Liz Greengrass, formerly of the Born Free Foundation, has recently become a Storrington & Sullington Parish Councillor.  Liz runs a consultancy advising business (in the UK and internationally) on biodiversity and sustainability issues.

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