Storrington On Show 9th October: Clubs for Young People


There are many benefits to being a member of a local community group, such as making new friends, learning new skills, having fun, feeling useful or even getting exercise and enjoying the fresh air.

Storrington has a great deal to offer for all its residents, whether young or old, new to the area or simply looking for a new challenge. Its website offers a wealth of information and contacts for every aspect of its community.

Especially after the pandemic, many local voluntary groups, serving all ages, are now finding it increasingly hard to find new recruits to maintain their activities, be they social, environmental or of a service nature.

This year the Community Partnership in Storrington is organising another show at the Chanctonbury Leisure Centre in Spierbridge Road to showcase the wide range of activities and opportunities existing in the voluntary organisations, and to raise the profile of volunteering, along with the benefits it can bring.

Louise Hayton, Trustee of the Community Partnership, said, “Friendships, social activities, exercise and the satisfaction of helping others can all be found in joining a local voluntary group.”

One such group is the Sussex Clubs for Young People, who tell us – “We strive to see every young person in Sussex involved in, enjoying and achieving within the world around them. We believe this is achieved by a resilient and community owned offer of clubs, activities, and opportunities for young people, where everyone can be involved and find the right place for them.

Sussex Clubs for Young People

We are a leading provider and infrastructure support of vibrant, inclusive, and empowering youth clubs and activities across East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove. Supporting a membership of over 140 youth clubs and organisations and directly delivering over 25 youth activities a week with our own team of youth workers and volunteers, we have a positive impact on the lives of over 10,000 young people every week.

At the heart of how we work is building strong relationships with local communities to empower them through training and support. To work with young people to take ownership for the offer of young people’s activities in their communities. This approach is strengthened by the vital role local volunteers play in being the connection to their communities and building relationships with young people to help them grow and develop.”

Storrington Community Partnership is now promoting this Show for Saturday 9th October at the Chanctonbury Leisure Centre, with posters, banners and flyers around the town.. Admission will be free to all visitors of this event.

Refreshments will be available at the café in the Centre to give visitors a chance to chat about what they have seen and heard. The Community Partnership will be keen to hear from visitors to this second event of its kind in Storrington, and will again be asking them to comment on how it can be improved for next time.

If you want to know more, or your group would be interested in taking part, then contact David on 01903 746101

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