Travis Perkins fitness challenge raises money for charity

Travis Perkins charity challenge

Customers at Travis Perkins branch in Pulborough got down to some serious fundraising activity last week.

For one day, the branch’s regular clientele of tradespeople tried their hand at The Travis Perkins Planking challenge – by holding the horizontal ‘plank’ position for as long as they could.

The fun challenge saw dozens of customers and staff take part, some several times, with the winning ‘plank’ being held for an impressive 7 minutes and 30 seconds by Archie of Nicholls Countryside.

With each customer paying £1 to take part, a total of £150 has been raised so far for The Woodland Trust. This will aid with the Trust’s work at the nearby Westwood Farm.

Travis Perkins branch manager Richard Bolden says: “Travis Perkins have always been known for being good with wood – and it turns out our customers are pretty limber with timber, too.

“The planking challenge was a great way for us to interact with our customers, have a laugh and raise lots of money for charity at the same time. Thanks to everyone who took part.”

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