Can you help with Single Use Plastic recycling in Storrington?

Sussex Green Living volunteers work in conjunction with UK recycling company Terracycle to facilitate the processing of a specific list of single use plastic items locally. Storrington is one of 16 villages in West Sussex participating in the scheme.

Since June 2021, when the Sussex Green Living bins were positioned at Storrington Recreation Ground, a small group of volunteers has been meeting weekly to sort the items in preparation for despatch.

We are really pleased to see how the sorted recycling has grown from 12kg in June to 30Kg in December (a big month for crisp and chocolate consumption!).

At this stage, more volunteers willing to help  once or twice per month for 1 to 1½ hours per session, would be most welcome.  Can you help?

To offer help, or for more information, email

Sussex Green Living volunteers work in conjunction with Terracycle to support a recycling programme for a specific list of items, which is displayed on the bins. If it is not listed, please don’t put it in our bin, because Terracycle won’t recycle it.

This doesn’t mean the other plastic packaging can’t be recycled too, it means that you need to play your part and take those items along to a different local collecting point.

Hints For Efficient Recycling:

  • Cheese bags. SGL bins at Storrington Rec. Please wipe clean and dry.
  • Potato and banana bags. Carrier bag recycling bin at Storrington or Pulborough
  • Rice and pasta bags. Look for the new flexible plastic recycling bin at Pulborough or Horsham supermarket.

Do keep recycling! If you have any questions, you can send them to

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