Hospital “Scrubs Bags”. Made in Storrington. Order Completed!

sewing scrubs bags


STOP PRESS! We have had such a tremendous response from the big-hearted residents of Storrington that the current need for Scrubs Bags has been satisfied – so other than those with whom we have already arranged to make bags – we need no more. THANK YOU.

As we move through this worrying coronavirus crisis, our NHS is in need of all the Personal Protective Equipment it can get. This is where volunteers in Storrington have been playing their part.

A doctor at St. Richards Hospital, Chichester, who lives locally, raised with a Storrington Community Partnership member that there is a shortage of the bags used by doctors and nurses to hold their hospital “scrubs” (the scrubs are put into the bags for washing). Apparently scrubs are also now being worn by workers at the hospital who would not normally wear them, but who, with good reason, do not want their “home” clothes to become contaminated. Partnership members have swung into action, as have a number of other willing volunteers in the town, collecting and turning surplus sheets or spare fabric into scrubs bags.

Anyone interested in making these bags or have some to be picked up for St Richards should please contact us by email at

The measurements are approximately 15”x 20” (38cm x 50cm), with a drawstring across an open (shorter) side and must be of a material machine washable at 60C. If you don’t have suitable cord or ribbon for the drawstring you can use instead a strip of the same material, about 1” wide, folded in half and stitched along its length.

Please note we cannot provide materials. 

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