Local Boy co-starring in new TV Series

Suicide Platoon

Storrington local, Guy Barnes, will appear in a brand-new TV series set during World War Two called “Suicide Platoon”.

Guy, who started his career as a singer and songwriter, caught the acting bug four years ago.

Guy Says: ” I was asked to write and perform the theme to a short festival film back in 2012 and, when the lead actor pulled out, the casting people asked me if I wanted to screen test. At first I said, “no” – but my mother told me to “stop being stupid and just do it”, so I did! I got the part and fell in love with the process.”

Guy has since filmed Indie feature film “Rock Band vs. Vampires” playing the lead role of Vampire, Jeremiah Winterford. The film is currently in post-production. Guy will also be playing the role of John Titor in “Clockwise” which is based on real events. Guy has also written two screen plays: a film musical called “Shotgun Rockstar” and a romance called “Over A Book”, both of which will be in production next year.

In “Suicide Platoon”, Guy plays “Gordon ( Wasso ) Wasley”, a soldier facing court martial for beating up a superior officer. Wasso is given a choice between facing a firing squad and joining a platoon formed to do “missions too deadly for the Army”. He chose the latter!

Guy says: “Wasso is the navigator of the group but he`s a loose cannon and really doesn’t care about anything, including himself. He’s quick to use his fists before his head and is a pretty angry dude. A fun guy to portray!”

Guy continues: “I was given the pilot script and it was unique. It reminded me of “The A Team” but set in World War Two! It is being shown before the watershed so it is a family show – adults and kids alike will have fun watching.”

“Suicide Platoon” will be airing on June 11th, 6.50 pm on Movies 4 Men.

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