Storrington Conservation news: heritage rhododendrons identified

SCS working party
Work party enjoying a well deserved breather.

A lovely spring evening on 7th May enabled a full party to enjoy a guided tour of the conservation areas on the Norfolk Estate South Downs Sites. All were impressed by the rewarding efforts being made to conserve and protect wildlife. A wonderful example of what can be done. Our thanks to our guide Peter Knight for making the evening visit so worthwhile.

An encouraging number joined the work party on 4th June at The Glade and cleared undergrowth and overgrowth for the benefit of footpath users. It was great to see the fruit shrubs planted there last year doing very well.

More about the rhododendrons mentioned last month. The heritage varieties in Fryern Dell which have been layered for propagation are all large, non invasive shrubs with flowers of crimson (Rh. ‘Louis Pasteur’), rose (Rh. ‘Cynthia’), carmine (Rh. ‘Dr A.W. Eudtz’), and blush pink (Rh. Mrs E.C.Stirling). These were identified for us by Storrington resident Andy Fly of the Wessex RHS Rhododendron Group. They were thought to have been planted about a hundred years ago as part of the Victorian Pleasure Gardens. All part of our aim to restore them as far as possible to their former glory.

Looking ahead, the work party on 2nd July meets at 10.00am, as usual, at West Street Garden to prepare for the ‘In Bloom’ judging later in the month. An important annual event in our community, so as many supporters as possible are invited to join us. More hands means we can cover other areas in need of tidying. For details of the Thursday work party on 21st July at 2.00pm, please refer to our website.

For information about this and all our activities, or becoming a member, please get in touch with Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or look on our website

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