ROADWORKS NOTIFICATION Thakeham Road, Water Lane, Rock Road ,Thakeham

Advance notice of significant roadworks

Thakeham Road / Water Lane / Rock Road ,Thakeham

I am writing to inform you of proposed highway works in this area, currently planned to start on 11 November.

The notes below give some background and further explanation of the proposals to change the existing mini roundabout at Water Lane to a traffic signal controlled junction, which will help pedestrians cross the roads here. At the same time there will be extensive road and footway resurfacing. The mini roundabout at Rock Road will remain unchanged, though there will be refurbishment of some of the existing crossing points and footways.

The road works could take up to 17 weeks to complete and will require temporary traffic lights to be in place for that time. Vehicle and pedestrian access to homes and businesses will be maintained, though for one or two days there will need to be road closures and signed diversion routes whilst road resurfacing takes place.

There will be further information published closer to the start date, with scheme information boards erected immediately before the start of works.

Yours sincerely

Peter Bradley
Project Manager, West Sussex Highways

B2139 Thakeham Road (Water Lane and Rock Road junctions)

Concerns have been expressed by residents, Councillors and your local Parish Councils about pedestrian safety and the lack of safe road crossings. A scheme for addressing this is in the WSCC highways programme for delivery this year.

Feasibility studies showed there are no simple improvements which can be made which will make a big improvement for pedestrians. This is due to narrow roads and pavements in places and poor visibility in others. Options such as push button controlled (‘Puffin’) crossings and Zebra crossings have been rejected due to safety concerns of placing them very near to the mini roundabouts, but needing them close enough to desire lines for the majority of pedestrians to use them.

The current proposals at the Water Lane junction comprise:-
• the mini roundabout will be changed to a fully traffic signal controlled junction,
• this would include a dedicated pedestrian crossing phase on both the northern and eastern arms, with
• widening of the footways where possible, and
• extensive resurfacing of the footways and road on each of the approaches to the junction.
• The traffic signals will use the newest software to ‘read’ traffic conditions, changing the signal timings to minimise queues.
• Also, the signals will adjust timings to ensure pedestrians have sufficient time to cross the road

At the Rock Road junction, limited space allows only:-
• refurbishment of the existing refuge island on the western arm,
• with some footway widening and resurfacing on the northwest corner.

The works are anticipated to cost in the order of £310k with funding of £161k coming from local development (S106 funds) and £149k government grant funding.

Start 11 November, for approximately 3 weeks at the Rock Road junction. Immediately afterwards, works then take place at the Water Lane junction to the end of February. There will be some form of temporary traffic signal control for the whole of this period. Vehicle and pedestrian access will be retained to properties, schools and businesses. Towards the end of the project there would need to be one or two days complete road closure (with provision of diversion routes) for road resurfacing. The bus stops will continue to operate during the road works and the school transport will continue to run as it currently does. Any changes to the above will be clearly identified on site.

There will be further information published closer to the start date, with scheme information boards erected immediately before the start of works

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