“Storrington and Sullington Supporting Youth” – SASSY!

youth activities

Storrington & Sullington Parish Council have great pleasure in announcing the launch of a new pilot scheme aimed at supporting youth activities in the community.

“Storrington and Sullington Supporting Youth” – SASSY! invites local groups to bid for a share of the fund, up to £500 per bid, by submitting a written request.

Ideas can be for equipment or apparatus that will benefit young people. It can be for an activity or day out that will provide education or enrichment. Or it can be used to provide pure fun and enjoyment!

Submissions can be made to the Parish Clerk by post or by email by 31st January 2019 and should include:-
• Details of your idea
• How many young people will benefit
• How much you are applying for
• Timeline of your project

Applications will be discussed shortly after the closing date, at a meeting of the Recreation and Property Committee and successful bidders will be notified soon after.

Should this pilot be successful, the Parish Council will be repeating the scheme throughout 2019.

Clerk: Mrs Tracey Euesden

Telephone: 01903 746547
e-mail: office@storrington-pc.gov.uk


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