Storrington Conservation Society – December Newsletter

robin in winter

Winter means shorter daylight hours, and we tend to prefer indoor activities where we can keep warm. Wildlife is not so fortunate.

Some birds, like swallows, migrate to warmer parts, others, such as sparrows stay. Those who leave are replaced by others from colder parts, among them Bewick’s swan, Canada geese, redwings and fieldfares. Feeding is essential. We can do our bit for garden birds, sparrows, tits, robins and blackbirds by filling bird feeders and making sure they have access to fresh water. It is not only birds that need care. Hedgehogs are among animals whose numbers have declined sharply. In winter they require somewhere to hibernate. Piles of leaves in the garden provide a suitable refuge. Useful so long as they can gain access to the garden, such as a small gap in a fence. And a bowl of cat food (never bread and milk) together with a small bowl of water provides a feast for them if there is a mild spell. We can all help to conserve our wonderful wildlife.

The working party which was due to meet on 1st December was unfortunately cancelled due to rain. The Thursday afternoon group met on 20th December also at Fryern Dell . The first working party in the new year is on 5th January at 10am. The plan is to carry out woodland management and restoration in the Lower Dell. The Thursday group meet on 15th January at 2pm to carry on with our winter work at Fryern Dell.

Those who enjoyed the Christmas festivities may be considering the need to reduce any weight gain. Joining a working party can help by providing gentle exercise in congenial company. Give it a try! All are welcome, gardening wear advised, tools provided, and a cup of coffee.

We wish all our readers a peaceful and fulfilling 2019. Make it a year of conservation!

For information about this and all our activities, or on becoming a member, please get in touch with Chairman Mick Denness on 01903 745971, or see our website

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